Format: CD
Release Date World: Monday 12th February 1996

The history of Stickman Records goes back to 1993 when the two DJs Greg Zwarich and Paul Mintsoulis decided to establish their own label after having made first experiences in the music-business helped by the befriended John Acquaviva and Richie Hawtin. The four of them met at Toronto University and got stuck together because of their shared love for house- and electro-sounds. Working together on Plus 8 and Definitive as well as the resulting distribution network "Intellinet", they thought about founding their own label and so Stickman Records was born in 1993.
The label developed speedily into a fixed star in the international house firmament, being able to become even brighter with every release. "We didn’t want to reduce ourselves to a certain style, because we like nearly everything. From hard-house over garagey-vocally sounds up to techno-influenced music. We try to extrakt the best of everything. There is good techno, good house and good trance. It would be stupid to specialize on one style only.", resumes Paul Mintsoulis the label policy of Stickman Records. Having released only their own tracks in the beginning, the family grew by and by, taking in people like Nick Holder and Troy Brown, getting an enormous reputation with all important DJs. Apart from that, Strictly Rhythm showed their interest in these two Canadian supersympathetic guys with the result of two releases by The Stickmen on the New York house-label. Besides producing and managing, Paul and Greg were able to prove themselves as extraordinary DJs, doing the same in spinning as they do in producing, meaning that they mix different styles of modern dance-music. The present Stickman Compilation "Musica" makes this ingenious label and the clever producer-team accessible to a wider audience in Germany, presenting the high-lights of Stickman Records on one CD for the first time. All club-hits, like Captain’s "Jazzy 4 You", Biotrans"’Klente", Nick Holder’s "Fear Of The Future", Josh Wink’s remix of "Tamburi" or hits by The Stickmen like "Impakt" or "Summer Of ’87" are presented here, bolstering Stickman Records’ exclusiv stand. Apart from that, the Canadian workaholics could not be hold back of producing the brand-new track "Jump", available exclusively on this compilation.