I Dance Alone

Format: Download, 12" Vinyl EP
Release Date World: Monday 14th October 2002

After the more than excellent taster "Make Up Your Mind" (feat.
Clair Dietrich), David Brown and James Taylor, alias Swayzak, announce the single "I Dance Alone" as the next release from the "Dirty Dancing" album.
The track originated as a collaboration between Swayzak, the Leeds resident Carl Finlow (Voice Stealer, Random Factor, and Silicon Scally) and the US duo Adult, behind which stand Adam Lee Miller and Nicola Kuperus with their label Ersatz-Audio (Detroit).
On the other side of the original version at the start of the EP, "I Dance Alone" already achieves a dead straight consistency in the new "Silicone Scally Mix", which allows this version to become an ideal link between Techno and Electro sets. Over more than seven minutes, Carl Finlow sends us a monstrous mercury postcard, the likes of which Underground Resistance or Drexciya could not have relayed better.
In the "Week-End à Rome" mix by Darkfarmer, the hard-as-steel vocals of Nicola and Carl meet on top of a new and almost Mediterranean bass run, which somewhat removes the previous hardness and thus gives all credit to the remix name. Its snappy hi-hats, however, make the dance floor the only alternative for this one, too.
Whoever previously thought that overdrive would now be engaged, may have the smile carved onto their face at the latest by Connecticut Ron’s "Return To Saigon" mix. Disco is back and the white suit can be taken out of the closet again. Here, even Giorgio Moroder would become weak once more and take up his position under the mirror ball…