In The Car Crash

Format: Download
Release Date World: Monday 03rd March 2003

The torment of choice. This feeling best describes Swayzak’s situation when considering single releases from their current album, "Dirty Dancing" (!K7128 CD/LP).
After "Make Up Your Mind" (feat. Clair Dietrich), there was "I Dance Alone" and it was only logical that another track from David Brown and James Taylor had to be released.
The A-side starts with the shaken-but-not-stirred album mix of "In The Car Crash", whereupon German producer Roger 23 made an inspired new invention – dub techno at its finest. The remix works like a soft cushion, into which you just want to let yourself drop.
The Canadian producer duo Headgear, who co-produced the original track, provided their almost epic re-interpretation for the B-side. Over ten minutes, Headgear slowly but surely mutate "In The Car Crash" into a monumental vocoder pop tune.
Finally, Hamburg DJ and producer Carsten Jost may be welcomed as a new recruit into the universe of the Swayzak’s best friends. His releases on Sender Records, Klang Elektronik, Dial Records (Jost, Lawrence and Turner’s label), as well as his acclaimed album on Ladomat, have definitively established him as a connoisseur of refined, straight-up electronica. His eight-minute instrumental remix may now also ensure that many DJs share in Swayzak’s fate with regard to the torment of choice…