Route De La Slack - Remixes and Rarities

Format: CD
Release Date World: Monday 20th March 2006

James Taylor and David ”Brun” Brown first took their places behind the mixing board in 1993. Four albums, around thirty singles, and who knows how many remixes later, Swayzak is synonymous with free-spirited Minimal House, and it’s time for a retrospective.

This Spring, nine years after their first release, !K7 Records and Swayzak will release a collection of remixes and previously unreleased tracks entitled ROUTE DE LA SLACK to celebrate the group’s tremendous recording history
The first disc contains 12 of Swayzak’s best remixes, featuring reworkings of song by George Sarah, Senor Coconut, Theorem, Will Saul and many more. Swayzak’s remixes are as distinctive and unique as their original works.