Chase The Blues

Format: CD, Download
Release Date World: Monday 28th February 2000

The third key instalment from the guys’ debut album, "Close The Door" – that has so far seen them take Europe (in it’s entirety) by storm since it’s release back in August, and once again, all possible stops have been pulled. Indeed, having been a particular favourite at recent live dates (that also included a full-scale tour of France as part of the Les Inrockuptibles Festival with the likes of Moby, Travis, Day One, Pavement, etc…), "Chase The Blues" now gets the deserved release treatment and literally goes to show how deep Berlin’s finest can really take it. Utilising much more of a soul-based element to their highly individual sound, yet still keeping the raw and uncompromising factor well intact. Fetisch, Kaos and Marco, hire in the smooth-as-velvet vocal flows of the Stereo MC’s very own Cath Coffey to ultimately create something of a masterpiece that proceeds to defy all cliched categorisation. Therefore, along with the inclusion of the inimitable original version of said track comes three extra special remixes, courtesy of three pivotal figures who, in essence, couldn’t be any more diverse…
First up and Cameron McVey – heralded producer of All Saints and Neneh Cherry (also the better-half), adds much epic resonance to the cut as whilst keeping the structure true to its original form. Cath’s sweet lyrics get re-arranged for yet further maximum effect and the addition of a fully integrated orchestral string section makes for one of the most encapsulating performances, period. Brooklyn’s hottest property, DJ Spinna, steps forth to deliver something of a treat for not just the hip hop fraternity’s enjoyment. This time, the beats have been slowed down a notch or two but boosted to still rock the dance floor. Along with this, solidly locked-down bass grooves melt like butter into the frame with some of the most luscious keys to hit vinyl since as far back as even Pharaoh Sanders’ "Astral Travelling" ! So, last but not least, Mo’ Wax proteges’, The Psychonauts, mark their appearance with a fresh amalgamation of tight, low-slung breaks, bass that booms subtley and oily electro chords – a la Theme From Taxi-meets-Stevie-Wonder-meets-Carl-Craig, already !