Close the Door

Format: CD
Release Date World: Monday 30th August 1999

The TERRANOVA story begins in Germany in the mid-eighties, when a young Berliner named Fetisch caught a dose of the American hip-hop bug sweeping its way across Europe. He embarked on a journey of discovery to New York City that would lay the foundations of production outfit TERRANOVA. Fetisch spent the next few years making his name as a DJ in the Big Apple, playing in seminal clubs such as Tunnel, Danceteria and Palladium and producing some of the early Gee Street Releases. A network of like-minded producers soon sprouted up around him, and his trips to London led to the beginning of long-lasting friendships with the likes of the Stereo MC’s. He hooked up his band with vocalist Cath Coffey, and produced "Axis" and "Motherman" for the MC’s. This spirit of collaboration was to become a characteristic feature of TERRANOVA’s work in the forthcoming years.
Fetisch eventually returned to Berlin at the end of the 80s, where he soon met fellow Berliner Marco Meister, who had trained as a classical pianist at the Academy of Arts. The pair of them started working on film soundtracks. Shortly afterwards they made the acquaintance of DJ and graffiti artist Kaos, and the trio started up a production team called TURNTABLE TERRANOVA. First releases appeared on Compost and All Good Vinyl, their third 12" in collaboration with Manuel "E2-E4" Göttsching, bringing them resounding international success. It catapulted Fetisch, Meister and Kaos, now named TERRANOVA for short, into the British press, exposing a unique sound creation with their blend of hip-hop beats and the European tradition of electronic music.
At the beginning of 1998 TERRANOVA released their revered DJ-Kicks, which gained them further recognition and is still regarded as one of the best in the well-respected series. Remixes for Fanatik and Jungle Brothers followed among others, and their releases, with beats that are not to be messed with, found their way into the record boxes of all self-respecting DJs. Alongside these commissions TERRANOVA have been working on their debut LP with their record label Copasetik Recordings, to be released through STUD!O K7 in Europe except in France and the rest of the world where Copasetik will release themselves. The album is a testimony to the collaborationist ethic with appearances by Cath Coffey (Stereo MCs), Rasco (cult MC from San Francisco), Tricky (a.k.a. the monster) Coco (a regular in the collective) and Alexander Hacke (Einstuerzende Neubauten). The musical spectrum encompassed by TERRANOVA virtually defies definition. But it certainly can be said that no German act to date has made its mark internationally in quite this way, and that "Close The Door" is bound to open a few more doors for the Berliners.