Release Date World: Monday 23rd September 2002

After "Running Away" Terranova return with "Mongril", the second release from the forthcoming album "Hitchhiking Nonstop With No Particular Destination". On "Mongril" original rude bwoay style clashes with electronic Kraut groove: There’s heavy bouncing and hard rocking when the sexy dance hall beat meets the furious singing of Ariane, the former singer of punk rock/new wave legend The Slits. An 808-Electro-Bassline and a noisy guitar riff provide the rest: "Mongril" – Terranova in full punk rock reggae effect!
"Mongril" singer Ariane nowadays lives in Brooklyn, New York. For many years, she performed as a dancer and MC in Jamaica, no wonder you can hear such authentic and versatile toasting on "Mongril", where patois rhymes meet her high-octane singing that also marked the tunes of the Slits in the early eighties. Terranova mastermind Fetisch met her by accident and invited her to a studio session, "Mongril" is one of the results of this session.
Remixes are by Terranova members DJ Naughty and Shapemod who have mixed "Mongril" into other spheres. So get ready for the upcoming Terranova album and many further excursions into sonic pioneerism.
Nuff said. Now check dis.