Running Away

Format: CD, Download
Release Date World: Monday 10th June 2002

Finally! For Terranova fans the wait is over. A foretaste of their long awaited new album, the "Running Away" EP, is out now. Lots has happened since the release of Terranova’s internationally acclaimed debut, "Close the door", an album that earned respect thanks to its unquestionable quality.
The enigmatic, alluring, melancholic, bittersweet and mysterious has always been Terranova’s trademark. With "Running Away", they continue their move away from an early preference for hiphop, venturing deeper into the realms of electro pop. Those familiar with Terranova mastermind DJ Fetisch’s "Interstellar Pogo Sessions" (out on !K7) would agree that this Berlin club gave future mix sound possibilities a home.
Taking ingredients like hiphop, metal guitar reminiscence, Detroit techno and more elegiac sounds, Fetisch whips up a rough essence to make the more disco orientated audience bounce, week after week. He creates an urban elegance