Terrence Parker

Detroit after Dark

Format: CD
Release Date World: Monday 10th November 1997

Terrence Parker is a rarity – a Detroit house DJ and producer. Likewise the Detroit evoked on this second album for !K7 Records. This is not the robotised, techno-driven futuropolis from which, as Parker notes, "our darkest images are projected throughout the world". Parker’s Detroit is a slick and funky place, a city tinged with the sadness and uncertainty of a minor piano progression, but warned unswerable upbeat optimism it the face of violence and decay.
"For me it’s a circular thing," says TP, as he prefers to be called. "If I put positive vibes out, I’ll get positive vibes back."
Twenty-nine-years-old TP often talks about the circle of life. When he was a child, his father was playing Motown, The Four Tops, Philly Soul. This was TP’s earliest influence. Later he was a Flash fan, and credits the Grandmaster with teaching him the turntable technique. TP began as a hip hop DJ and moved on through mid-80s progressive disco to the hard-edgeg, emotional house he plays today.
Early moves aas a producer brought releases on 430 West and Kevin Saunderson’s KMS label. He also set up his own label Intangible label in 1993, and watched as his own "The Question" by Seven Grand Housing Authority prmptly became the first of many international dancefloor favourites. Other names TP has used include Disciples of Jovan Blade, Lost Articles, Madd Phlavor, Minimum Wage Brothers, Lenny Gait’s Melody Band, Disco Revisited and Tia’s Daddy.
Detroit After Dark is TP’s second album for !K7 Records. His first, Tragedies Of A Plastic Soul Junkie, mixed deep house with disco flash and jazzy downtempo textures, winning many plaudits. ("Beautifully constructed", Mixmag