The Herbaliser Band
The Herbaliser

Session 1

Format: CD, Download
Release Date World: Monday 01st February 2010

The Herbaliser Band are a group of nine young players that joined forces with UK hip hop producers Jake Wherry and DJ Ollie Teeba.
Back in 1995 at the time of the first The Herbaliser LP “Remedies”, Ollie had been touring as a DJ to help promote the album.
Jake was quick to point out that DJing was not the only (or most effective) way to maximise the potential of the record. Enter the band…hornists Lamb and Ross aka. the ‘The Easy Access Orchestra’ and fellow sessionistas Chris Bowden and Matt Coleman formed the brass frontline, with Kaidi ‘Shocka’ Tatham on classic keys. Moody and Dawes joined Wherry’s bass to provide the rock solid rhythm section underpinning Teeba’s scratches. And so The Herbaliser Band was born!
Back in 2000 The Herbaliser self-released their highly acclaimed double-vinyl album Session 1 – taking key tracks from previous albums and re-recording them in their purest form, expanding them, without vocals or lyrics – this is an excellent representation of the band’s live show at that time.