Outta Here

Format: CD, Download, 2LP
Release Date World: Tuesday 10th June 2014

Think you know Rupert Huber and Richard Dorfmeister? Perhaps not. The Viennese duo, known as Tosca, subvert expectations on their new album, ‘Outta Here’. The sonic collages and smooth downbeat jams with which they made their name are updated and injected with elements of art-avant-garde, pop, soul, Jazz and Blues. For this album, Earl Zinger and Cath Coffey join the fold to contribute an array of whimsical, esoteric lyrics. “It’s called ‘Outta Here’ for a reason,” explains Rupert Huber. “The title stands for change, a change to the concept we’ve had so far. It refers to a change in energy and dynamic. We’ve been known for an almost ambient sound. The new songs are much more beat-oriented and direct. Basically, it’s just a lot more energetic.” It certainly is that. ‘Crazy Love’ is built on a muscular bass line with Earl Zinger doing his slinky, soulful thing, while keyboards and muted sound effects flare in the background. ‘Swimswimswim’ reworks the same elements, with the addition of Cath Coffey (Stereo MCs / Terranova) into an irresistible pulse of feel good vibes. Meanwhile, the title track, ‘Outta Here’, sounds like a lost gem from the early ’90s, perspiring, drifting and slick. “It was a natural evolution,” says Richard Dorfmeister. “In the past, we were very focused internally because we were in a studio on our own, working slowly making sonic collages. This time, because we were working with singers the process was naturally quicker and the results more instant and upbeat. In that sense the title ‘Outta Here’ literally means that we got out of our studio.” The record was composed as a band with a quick fire, back-and-forth writing process. The tracks ‘Swimswimswim’ and ‘Happy Hour’ were written in one day following a gig in Budapest. “We never worked with people so quickly,” says Rupert Huber. “Songs were finished quicker which meant they had a different feel. Earl and Cath both had a lot of input as well, which also had a big impact. The past live touring struck us together and speeded up the recording process. In the past, it’s taken us up to four years to make an album. This is more of a snapshot in time and of the situation right now. We really felt the need to nail what we had down now, quickly without any messing about.” One record that had a big impact of Rupert and Richard during the recording of ‘Outta Here’ was ‘Alone’, a compilation of unplugged style tracks by blues legend John Lee Hooker. “It’s just him playing on his own, blues guitar,” says Rupert. “I love it. It’s so pure.” When they say the new record sounds “American”, they’re talking about the influence of musicians such as Hooker. “It’s about groove, it’s about black music,” says Richard. “I think in our musical heart, we are black. That’s what we always loved. All the music we loved growing up was American and British. Those warm sounding records. Our music is a fusion of black and white. The new album feels like a record that’s the product of listening to American music.” It’s also record that’s designed to be played live. “The ambient sound we’ve done, that kind of thing only really worked in proper concert halls,” says Rupert. “you couldn’t imagine this at night on a proper festival. It just didn’t work. This time, we can play the whole album and it all works. We get an instant reaction. We’ve already played it on tour in the US and Germany and people respond to it instantly, even though they don’t know the tracks.