Format: CD
Release Date World: Monday 06th March 2000

TOSCA is the project of Rupert Huber and Richard Dorfmeister, who are both from Vienna and have known each other since their school days. After noticing they both share very similar musical preferences, they founded their first project under the name, "Delhi 9" (a wild collective that experimented with cassette recorders and a mixture of Indian influences and poetry texts). After finishing school, they went their separate ways at first. Rupert devotes himself to the experimental music scene, while Richard joins up with Peter Kruder to form the producer/DJ duo K&D with him. In 1993, the label G-Stone is established, K&D becomes a trademark – their remixes are legendary.
In 1994, the paths of Richard Dorfmeister and Rupert Huber cross once again and shortly thereafter they get together under the name TOSCA. After a short time, they release their first maxi, "Chocolate Elvis" which finds its way onto numerous compilations and can still be heard today on dance floors all over the world. Their second maxi, "Fuck Dub" was able to improve on this success and is considered a classic, today. Both these tracks and more can be found on their 1997 debut album, "Opera". They are able to fire up the critics with their molten fusion of fine Dub and Ambient Funk. Fantastic reviews (and first class sales) are the consequence.
Subsequently, the boys invite mutual friends from all over Europe to work on a remix series of "Fuck Dub". The results from Fila Brazilia, Fauna Flash, Shantel, Beanfield, Uptight and Pulsinger / Tunakan are released on the "Fuck Dub Remix Album". A second remix CD bearing the name, "Chocolate Elvis" (with killer dubs from Boozoo Bajou, Rockers Hi-Fi, Baby Mammoth and many, many more) rounds off the Opera campaign.
Their second long player, "Suzuki", which may be interpreted as a tribute to Shunryu Suzuki, the Zen meditation master, is being released. Even so, you don’t have to be on a ritualistic trip to appreciate it. Like a peaceful storm, the music rotates around an immutable centre: beats that are both ingenious and muscular, the timbre of a sparkling bath tub, fluttering percussion, blues splitter sweet meats – a fusion of digital and analog inputs. Naturally, it’s not a conventional Trip-Hop archive. A deep understanding of the music’s Afro-American roots prevails with TOSCA. Music for the soul of stressed cities. As the title "Suzuki" makes clear, this isn’t an esoteric flight, but rather a full-frontal examination of everyday life, an industrialization of ambient concepts. Here, the environs means a redefinition of your own biotopes. You are with TOSCA and here you are safe.
Slow funk food !!