Ursula Rucker

Ma At Mama

Format: CD, Download
Release Date World: Monday 30th January 2006

High poetess of Philadelphias beat society you know youd better listen up.’ (Straight No Chaser) ‘Musically and lyrically, its her most adventurous and exciting set yet.’ (IDJ) ‘Better than ever.’ (Time Out) Ursula Rucker has never been afraid to take it there. There, that place, deep, inside, up and above, where she carves emotion with piercing lyrical cadence. There, where poetry and music intertwine, melodies and words mingle. On her third album, Rucker sets her sights There, aspiring towards an ancient Egyptian kemetic principle, the foundation of universal order and balance – ma’aat – truth. Hence the album title: ma’at mama.
In 2001, her !K7 debut Supa Sista featured production by 4Hero, King Britt and Jonah Sharp and introduced Ursula Rucker as a talented poet and solo artist with a strong lyrical voice. Backed again by an assembly of diverse, top shelf producers that included The Roots, Louie Vega and Jazzanova, her 2003 release, Silver and Lead further extended her exploration of self, race and femininity. With ma’at mama, Rucker shows a new level of maturity in her writing.