Ursula Rucker

Supa Sista

Format: CD
Release Date World: Monday 03rd September 2001

There is a new sound emerging from Philadelphia. Ursula Ruckerfis debut album SUPA SISTA (!K7 Records) strikes an intricatebalance between new jazz, hip-hop and Philly soul Рall infused with poetic vision.
Since 1994, performance and recording artist, Ursula Rucker hascollaborated with some of the most innovative artists in the music. Admired and respected for recordings with 4 Hero, Jamaladeen Tacuma, King Britt, The Silent Poets, Josh Wink, and Bahamadia, Ursula has been honored to close The Roots three studio lps.
SUPA SISTA is a departure from Ursulafis previous work as she pusheslyrical poetry to places itfis never been by fusing multiple genres. Throughout SUPA SISTA, she flexes her skills as a song writer, lyricist and vocalist. Touching on subjects ranging from womanhood, the state of black music, love lost, and child abuse, Ursula teamed with an array of producers to create an unprecedented effort that is entertaining, provocative and socially conscious.
4 Hero (Talking Loud/Mercury), Alexkid (F-Communication), and Jonah Sharp (Spacetime Continuum) contribute to thesoundscape of SUPA SISTA alongside Philly producers King Britt (SYLK130), Philip Charles (SYLK130/Retrofonix Labs), Tim Motzer (SYLK130, Jazzheads), and Ursulafis frequent collaborator Robert Yancey III. SUPA SISTA was recorded in Philadelphia, San Francisco, London, and Paris. Music and art critics have embraced Ursulafis socially conscious works. The Philadelphia Inquirer describes her work as "portraits of street life with the punch of a musically endowed" Eric Bogosian monologue. and hip-hop journalist Tom Constabile (XXL) declared that "Ursula Rucker is the truth Jack Nicholson told Tom Cruise he couldnfit handle."
The alluring tales she created for the The Roots contained subject matter that was motivated by heightened consciousness. Whether exploring sexual exploitation as in The Unlocking or introducing the lifestyle of a crack-dealing single mother in Adventures in Wonderland, she provided listeners with an intimate glimpse of urban reality. Whatever the content, Ursula has an uncanny ability to strike with unrivaled, softspoken and seductive lyricism.
Born and raised in Philadelphia, Ursula is a graduate of Temple University’s journalism department. She coveted her poetry until making her debut at PhillyÔ¨Ås Zanzibar Blue in 1994. Attracted to diverse genres, with roots firmly grounded in hip-hop, Ursula’s collaborations throughout the 1990Ô¨Ås included Loveless (4 Hero/Talking Loud), Get Ready (Silent Poets/Idylic), and the Gravity Games (ABC) anthem Sixth Sense (Josh Wink/Ovum Recordings). Ursula’s later work illustrated her growth as an artist and her ability to transcend the bounds of poetry. The life and death saga Return to Innocence Lost (The Roots/MCA)