CD 2000

Format: CD
Release Date World: Monday 02nd June 1997

Germany, Cologne, the Belgian quarter, Venloer street. One of the hot spots of the international art world. Amidst all the galleries, studios and film production companies you will find an art collection of a slightly different kind: Formic Records. Just step through the shop’s doors and you’ll be surrounded by thousands of records that are piled from floor to ceiling. Here, vinyl is everywhere. But this kind of art is not enjoyed with a glass of white wine in your hand and artsy small talk on your lips – the best way to feel it is in the middle of the dance floor, or in the DJ booth with heavy headphones over your ears. The main stylistic movements of this kind of art are called Funk, Disco, HiNRG, Rap, House, Techno, Acid. And – last but certainly not least, electro: Rootpowder, Formic Record’s owner, is an electro enthusiast from day one.
It was electro that led Rootpowder and his partner BolzBolz together. They first met in a record store during the mid-eighties, when both were on the hunt for rare electro records. Since then, a shared love for music has kept them together. With new sounds arriving from Chicago, Detroit and London Rootpowder and BolzBolz got interested in techno. As DJs, they played the first semi-legal warehouse parties in Cologne at the beginning of the nineties. As producers they released their own techno tracks on respected German labels like Force Inc., Structure, Adam & Eve or Monotone. And they established Formic Records – as one of Cologne’s best-known techno outlet.
Their love for electro however never vanished. When the first 12"es from Detroit label Direct Beat arrived from across the ocean, Rootpowder covered the walls of his shop with the red Direct Beat record jackets. And when, producing new material in BolzBolz’s BBS studios, the beats just refused to fit into the common four-to-the-floor techno-pattern and mutated into wild electro rhythms. The decision to be made was absolutely clear: Electrecords, Rootpowder’s and BolzBolz’s electro label was founded in June 1995.
Since then, a small but nonetheless exquisite network of electro enthusiasts has evolved around Electrecords. Producers from the states expressed their appreciation of the first releases via fax, and soon one got friends with another and swapped DATs. !K7, experienced in uncovering conspiracies and secret societies since its "Freestyle Files" and "Viennatone" releases, has now decided to unveil this network. After pressing up only a limited quantity of 400 copies of the first sampler "CD 1000" Electrecords in association with !K7 now proudly presents "CD 2000"