DJ-Kicks The Exclusives

Format: CD, Download
Release Date World: Monday 27th February 2006

When Berlin’s !K7 imprint first released its now legendary DJ Kicks album 10 years ago (a collection by CJ Bolland that painted all the colours of the techno map), it’s doubtful it could have foreseen the success the mix series would go onto have.
Admittedly, the idea behind the albums was a little bit more thought out than the majority of mixes which had proliferated the market by the mid-‘90s. Whereas most were cheap (not in a bad way), disposable and absolutely of their time, the DJ Kicks sets had a bit more weight behind them. They saw DJ sets as a bona fide cultural art form and vowed to give full reign to that impulse. In this sense, they have worked just as well as a home listening activity, as they have when you’ve been looking for something to kick-start your weekend’s thrills and spills.
Over the last 10 years DJ Kicks has bought you the latest electronic sounds from way on out. And to celebrate its 25th release (electro-pop golden girl Annie’s mix in case you were wondering), !K7 has done something extra special. It has rounded up 14 exclusive tracks by some of the artists mentioned, and popped them on one handy CD for your delectation. That means the beat-based madness of Kid Loco, Truby Trio and Kruder & Dorfmeister, just as much as the dancefloor delights of Carl Craig, Chicken Lips and The Glimmers.
One listen will convince you of DJ Kicks standing in the oftentimes vacuous market of mix sets, ‘cause let’s face it: DJ mix albums will come and go, but there will only ever be one DJ Kicks.