Freestyle Files - USA

Format: CD
Release Date World: Monday 26th January 1998

After a ten year domination of four-to-the-floor beats of House and Techno there is a complete new scene today in modern electronic dance music. After years of experimenting with influences and beats new styles like Trip Hop, Drum’n’Bass, Electro and Big (Break)-Beats have emerged out of this scene. It was England’s capital London who have set the tones of tomorrow in the past and labels like Warp, Clear, Metalhedz and Ninja Tunes turned into the leaders of the new beat revolution. These sounds also became very popular all over Europe and now it’s time to take over America as well. Especially the american Illbient Scene with artists like DJ Spooky and the West-Coast Hip-Hop revolution of DJ Shadow were recognized in Europe as in the States and proved that the USA is also on the forefront of the modern dance revolution. The "Freestyle Files – Underground Sounds of America" compilation is trying to represent some of the hottest talents and the most futuristic tunes which were released in America in the past months. The tracks are comin from american labels who have a true vision and passion like Asphodel, Liquid Sky, Ubiquity, Astralwerks and Eigth Dimension and ranges from sophisticated down-tempo grooves of Washington’s Thievery Corporation and Pimp Daddy Nash to the Easy-Listening influenced tracks of New York’s Tipsy. Heavy dub infiltered soundscapes of DJ Spooky and Sub Dub and abstract hip-hop experiments of outstanding DJ’s like Wally and Q-Burns round up this compilation which documents the massive role which America is going to play in modern music in the future.