Freestyle Files - Vol.2

Format: CD
Release Date World: Monday 24th March 1997

The first release of the "Freestyle Files" received tremendous media response.
"Absolute must!" (Spex)
"…for the educated listener" (Intro)
"Very good collection" (Frontpage)
"Compilation of the month" (Marabo)
"Perfect" (Swing)
The flavour of the summer" (Loop)
The fascinating mixture of trip-hop, electro, listening and drum’n’bass tracks was able to inspire journalists as well as buyers all over Europe and became one of the most important compilations 1996.
"Freestyle Files Vol. II – Germany vs. England" is a new concept released by Studio K7.
On 2 CDs one finds again the hottest tracks of the hippest labels. 11 tracks from England as well as from Germany form a team and make "Freestyle Files Vol. II" the final match between the inventors of electronic music – maybe the revenche for Wembley ’66! The German team consists of the Austrian substitute Kruder & Dorfmeister besides Kreidler, Drome, Turntable Terranova as well as other goal getters of the German Freestyle scene. The English team around Jimi Tenor, Dr. Rockit, Kid Loops, Ed Rush and Red Snapper seems to be best prepared. Having no rules a most interesting soundclash is expected as well as fair-play!