Freestyle Files - Vol.3

Format: CD
Release Date World: Tuesday 10th November 1998

The term "Freestyle" has refreshed the club scene and the sound mix of drum & bass, headz, electro, nu house and big beats is actually the most exciting club music in Europe and the "Freestyle Files" are glad to have set this trend. You’ll hear on "The Freestyle Files Vol.3" some of the best tracks of t1997, which cover the whole range of innovative dance music: Artists such as Coldcut, Can (James Lavelle Remix), Depth Charge, Tosca (R. Dorfmeister/R. Huber), Ballistic Brothers, Plaid, Jedi Knights, Terranova, Basement Jaxx, Aphrodite and the Vienna based Pulsinger & Tunakan. At that time it already featured talents such as Mr Scruff, Plug or I-F, who nowadays are all widely respected and established in the scene.