Freestyle Files - Vol.4

Format: CD
Release Date World: Monday 08th June 1998

In it’s fourth session the "Freestyle Files" will satisfy you concerning fine taste in exceptional electronic musiccompiling. Different tempos and fluendly moving styles stand next together, crossing musical borders as if they never existed: Downbeat, Modern Garage, Elektro-Funk, Sleazy Listening, Dope-Dub, Retro-Kraut, Punk-House, Free-Pop, Drum & Bass and so on. This special mixture of so many various styles gives these "Freestyle Files" it’s unique way of sounding, making a good round-up in the areas between dancefloor and couch.
On our "Crackers Delight"-edition you will find listening-excursions from Gentle People, Drum Island and Tipsy vs. Curd Duca, clubsmash’s from Max 404, Guemix, Terranova, Depth Charge and Soul Ascendents. Modern Hip-Hop beats are represented by the Midnight Funk Association, Ryuichi Sakamoto vs. Rare Force, Raw Deal or Andrea Parker. The electronic new-school is displayed by the german group Kreidler, the finish Pan Sonic feat. Alan Vega, Berlin based Pole and the marvelous Bj√∂rk-keyboarderist Leila.
Last but not least you will find two special tastes from the remix-corner: A DJ Koze remix from a track by the german hip-hop formation 5 Sterne Deluxe and an rare interpretation of an Terrence Parker track by Peter Thomas, who composed the soundtrack for the classic 60`es TV-series Spaceship Orion.
Often copyed but never as innovative as this succsessful series these "Freestyle Files" explore new grounds and incorporate beautiful tracks you wouldn’t have expected in the range of spinning club-world.
This compilation will shipwreck all the narrow-minded purists!