mas confusion

Format: CD, LP, Download
Release Date World: Monday 04th November 2002

“MAS Confusion” doesn’t only include tracks from the demo boxes, Don also managed to mobilize a few of his friends to write new tracks for “MAS Confusion”:in total, from the 12 tracks, 11 are previously unreleased. Funkstörung then chose the final track listing…a few tracks were scrapped ‘cos they just didn’t work with the overall feeling. Almost all the tracks a relatively relaxed and listenable, mainly without excessive programming and really melodic.
The title, “MAS Confusion” actually only came about because no-one really knew what was supposed to happen next. That’s actually quite typical for Musik Aus Strom a.k.a. MAS! Also, the Dutch designer going by the name of “Hands Up” had a wonderfully apt cover design for the title, “MAS Confusion”.
It represents to a certain extent the relaunch of Musik Aus Strom ‘cos there have only been very sporadic releases on Musik Aus Strom in the last few years. Despite the few releases (or maybe precisely for this reason), Musik Aus Strom is still really highly rated among IDM/electronica fans.