MTV Mash presents !K7 Clash

Format: CD
Release Date World: Monday 16th February 2004

Nobody will re-invent Bastard Pop, yet the genre continues to seek out opposites to put through the shredder to become one track that remains as two. Identifying the bastard on this record is futile, however, because this booty is totally legal and consists of not two but 42 tracks from the !K7 catalog; it doesn’t last three and a half minutes either, but a whole hour.
The real bastard of the piece is MTV MASH presents !K7 CLASH, an unholy alliance that combines tracks, which are ostensibly utterly incompatible. !K7 has a reputation as the label for discerning but disrespectful individuals, who meander through the gaps between the target groups and smile enigmatically at whatever happens around them.
Not exactly something for kids of the mobile phone generation with chronic Attention Deficit Disorder, then? Well, yes, according to the MTV spin-doctor who instigated the project after getting his hands on the !K7 limited edition jubilee compilation commemorating the label’s 150th release. It’s all in the dissection: shredded, pureed and served up as MTV MASH – that’s what makes it work.