netWORKS. 2

Format: CD, Download
Release Date World: Monday 29th January 1996

There are hardly any other people than those two canadian visionaries and maniacs callled John Acquaviva and Richie Hawtin, whom one could trust to offer new possibilities to other artists and producers. The result of all these possibilities is compiled on netWORKS.2.
Through their own distribution structure and connected pressing plant, these two clever pros offer a base which is more and more often used by artists and lables. Apart from their own labels Plus 8, Probe and Definitive, producers and labels such as The Stickmen (Stickman Records), K. Hand (Acacia), David Alvarado (Bomb), Derrick Carter (Blue Cucaracha), Terrence Parker (Intangible) and many more have taken a part in this family. By means of an exceptional structure, an underground-enterprise which stands alone was created. This is probably the reason for the immense demand for Intellinet products. In the meantime, the two Canadians had to learn that the motto is out: no party without Intellinet records!
netWORKS.2 gives a perfect overlook on this unique, international and underground distribution service, which took on to relieve artists and producers of the time-intensive and boring work of manufacturing and distributing. They so created an atmosphere where artists are free of any annoying thoughts which might be relevant for marketing but quite disturbing for an artist at work.
The permanently increasing success of this underground-enterprise and their unconventional methods of working have roused an extensive feed-back in the whole dance-press. However, the true winner with Intellinet and netWORKS.2 is the listener. Since the producers are able to concentrate on the essentials – i.e. producing – the songs come in a quality, which cannot always be expected nowadays.
netWORKS.2 contains all kinds of dance-music which are distributed by Intellinet at the moment. From Terrence Parker’s deep house killer "Emancipation of my Soul" to Richie Hawtin’s acid number "Call It What You Want" (available exclusively on this compilation) or the minimal slammer of Ian Pooley up to the progressive-house stompers "Hypnotize" and "Desaster" by the new american top producer team Wamdue Kids.
netWORKS.2 is a compilation with brilliant club-music rising high above the ususal uninspired techno / house-compilation, showing a variety of producers, tracks and labels which was only made possible through the ingenious concept of Intellinet.