Format: CD
Release Date World: Monday 23rd September 1996

The compilation series of Berlin’s Studio K7 and the american distributor Intellinet is in its third stage featuring once again the best titles of Intellinet labels like +8, Probe, Definitive, Dirty House and Intangible. While netWORKS 1 + 2 featured classics and clubhits, the third edition focuses on the successfull new signings.
With their five releases on the same named label the Australian Dirty House Crew really took-off this year. Their tracks were able to climb to top positions in all European dance charts and are now among "the" clubhits. Their three titles on netWORKS.3 are proofing that the Dirty House Crew belong to the top-producers within one year only. The current hip disco revival in most clubs is represented through the three tracks of John Acquaviva’s label Definitive. Two of the best tracks of Terrence Parker’s label Intangible stand for Detroit and one track of David Alvorado’s Bomb label finish the house section.
The two tracks each of trend-setting techno labels +8 and Probe are proofing once again their supremacy in the techno circuit. Deep tracks of Probe as well as the latest signing of +8 "Theorem" are able to show the terrific reaction they have received. Studio K7 is especially proud to present the track LFO vs. F.U.S.E, available for the first time on CD. With this netWORKS.3 is able to offer you the creme de la creme of American house- and techno-tracks.