Three Minute Blunts

Format: CD, Download
Release Date World: Monday 20th January 1997

Although Detroit has been known for many years as the home of the "Motown Sound", and in recent times as the "Techno Capital of the World", Hip Hop has been the music of choice for most of Detroit’s young people for over ten years. This might seem very strange for many of you, who would assume that Techno is the music of choice here in Detroit because of our many fine artists who produce Techno Music. However, if you visit Detroit and listen to the radio, examine the culture of our youth, or interview artists such as myself, Claude Young Jr, Anthony "Shake" Shakir, or Jeff Mills, you will find that Hip Hop Culture is, and has always been alive and well here!
As the "Blunt" is used by some in Hip Hop Culture to receive the most potent "high", this compilation will introduce you to "Musical Blunts". Each one is guaranteed to play for at least three minutes, allowing you to receive the "ultimate natural high"! There’s no need for rapping paper! These blunts are mostly instrumental, which will provide the perfect atmosphere for "gettin’ o’ groove on!" Furthermore, you won’t need any drug paraphernalia! All you’ll need to receive a "proper buzz" is a boomin’ sound system! So sit back, relax your mind, and prepare yourself for the ultimate musical experience as only Intangible & !K7 can bring it to ya! From Detroit to Berlin, from our minds to your ears, we welcome you to experience our "Three Minute Blunts"!