X-MIX DVD Collection III

Format: DVD
Release Date World: Monday 25th March 2002

The X-Mix series cruised to a triumphant conclusion with a final sequence of dazzling dance mixes illustrated in time by prodigious visual designs.
With Electro Boogie, which went on to inspire a short CD mix series of its own, X-Mix moved away from house and techno and into the primal digitality of electro. Dave Clarke’s peerless mix contains classics from the Imperial Brothers, Hashim, Model 500 and LFO. Electro was back.
Kevin Saunderson’s mix for a Transmission From Deep Space Radio represents Detroit at its mid-90s funkiest. The techno pioneer’s imaginary station transmits from extra-orbital realms, as digital artists whisk us between stand-alone deep spaces and virtual worlds. The mix includes classics from E-Dancer, R-Tyme, Plastikman and Sean Deason.
X-Mix hit its final high with Jack The Box. It wasn’t just Hardfloor’s stunning acid house set, crafted with love and featuring legendary 80s Chicago tunes from Adonis, Phuture, DJ Pierre and Armando alongside new tracks from the Duesseldorf duo themselves – definitely one of the mixological highs of the series. It was also a whole new visual style from a team of Viennese artists – a thrillingly high-velocity urban abstraction fashioned out of old 16mm film, video samples and animated still frames.
36 essential techno, acid house and electro tunes. 3 genre-defining mixes. Hours of ground-breaking digital imagery.