F*>k Dance Let's Art - Sounds from a new American Underground

Format: CD, Download
Release Date World: Monday 27th September 2010

Compiled by !K7-associated bods Cool in the Pool, F*>k Dance is a quiet attempt to capture a snapshot of what’s turning out to be an invigorating time for new music in The States.
Sure, it could be argued that the bigger hitters here – Crystal Castles / Animal Collective – are stretching the concept of ‘underground’ a bit, but the diversity of their respective sounds, easy use of electronics, and continued attachment to a vaguely non-mainstream aesthetic help sum up the spirit of this comp.
That’s why ‘F*>k Dance Lets Art’ will at least remain, a testament to some great music being made by (mainly ) East Coast dreamers, schemers, indie refugees and bedroom avant gardists, whatever their motivations.