!K7’s First-Ever Record Store Day Release Collects Work Of Italian Hardware Genius Bochum Welt

Published on Monday, March 27th 2017 7:11 pm

This year, !K7 will be releasing our first ever Record Store Day title, in the form of an essential collection from veteran Italian hardware lover and Rephlex Records alum Bochum Welt. April is a broad exploration of ambient and downtempo that revisits and re-edits a selection of old works as well as offering up brand new music, all available for the first time on vinyl.

Bochum Welt is an avid collector of various vintage pedals and sound manglers, and in 1994 joined with Aphex Twin’s influential Rephlex label, where he put out many EPs and three full lengths. He is an accomplished musical engineer, sound designer and master of electronic atmospheres, and in his time he has made it into The Wire’s Top 15 albums of the year.

April collects sixteen short but absorbing tracks for their first-ever vinyl release. Several tracks previously were originally released on CD by Rephlex, while many tracks are completely unheard. From crunchy beats overlaid with pixelated pads to blissfully organic and tender piano-laced ambient numbers, the music on April is never less than beautiful. Expressive and personal throughout, this album is about sound research and melodic sensibility and is as technically awe inspiring as it is purely enjoyable.

April is released 22nd April 2017 in conjunction with  Record Store Day worldwide (22nd April 2017). A list of participating retailers is available on the Record Store Day site. A full digital release to follow on 5th May.

Tosca’s Amazingly Strange “Export Import” Music Video

Published on Monday, February 6th 2017 5:25 pm

Tosca’s music is cinematic in nature, which makes it a natural fit for pairing with compelling imagery. The group’s brand new video for “Export Import” has to be one of our favorite videos they’ve done yet. Directed by Park Seungjin, the black and white video is a complete head trip.

Richard Dorfmeister spoke briefly with Thump, who premiered the video. “Being the opening track of our new album Going Going Going, I feel like this song sums up the Tosca vibe for the whole record: the sense of going back to our roots—celebrating the combination of sparse grooves and this mixture of all different kinds of influences, from bits of jazz to weird vocals and found sounds. But at the same time it’s not just us looking backwards but also converting these personal influences, the roots of Tosca’s sound, into something for the future. We were very happy to work with the video director Park Seungjin on this track. Through this special visual language that he has he’s really found the psychedelic quality of the track and created something that really sticks in the mind.”

Tosca’s new album Going Going Going is out February 10th 2017. Pre-orders and an early track download for “Export Import” are available now.

Tosca Return In 2017 With Going Going Going

Published on Thursday, December 15th 2016 6:28 pm

For over two decades and several albums Tosca has served as a vehicle for Richard and Rupert to express their personal moods and impressions, each release holding up a mirror to their inner lives. Now though after ten albums the journey has come full circle and once again they’ve returned to the kind of instrumental tracks, full of deep beats and dubbed out textures that made Tosca’s name.

The result is ‘Going Going Going’, an album that Tosca fans will immediately recognize and yet one that doesn’t just trade on former glories. Like the best of Tosca’s output, ‘Going Going Going’ defies easy categorization, taking in everything from the uneasy listening of ‘Hausner’ to excursions into House (‘Wotan’), Ambient Electronica (‘Olympia), Funk (‘Loveboat’) and beyond. Still despite an almost overabundance of ideas, in the more than capable hands of these two pioneers the result is a complex yet coherent and confident album that stands shoulder to shoulder with the best of their storied back catalogue.

Going Going Going is out February 10th 2017. Pre-orders and an early track download for advance track “Export Import” are available now.

Shackleton Takes On Portable’s “This Frozen Lake”

Published on Friday, August 12th 2016 4:56 pm

With his first album for !K7 out in a week, producer / vocalist / performer Portable has put his track “This Frozen Lake” into the capable hands of Shackleton for a new mix. One half of the revered Skull Disco label (with Appleblim) and a purveyor of a vast array of heady left-field sounds, Shackleton is the perfect choice to tease new glimpses from the beauty of the original track.

Portable’s Alan Abrahams album is out 19th August on !K7. Pre-orders are available now.

Deetron And Bodycode / Ursula Rucker Remixes of Portable

Published on Friday, July 22nd 2016 2:10 pm

Last week, Portable debuted his amazing self-directed video for “Say It’s Going To Change,” one of the highlights from his forthcoming album Alan Abrahams. This week sees the release of a full remix package for the song.

The EP kicks off with a charged workout from Swiss master Deetron, who channels classic dance floor sounds for a monster remix. The following track is a remix from Portable’s own Bodycode alias, featuring vocalist from none other than Ursula Rucker. The the EP is rounds out with new Portable track, Balinese Nights.

Both remixes are streaming below. The “Say It’s Going To Change” EP is on sale now. Pre-orders for the Alan Abrahams album, out August 18th, are available now.

Portable Uses Sign Language And A Gorgeous Natural Backdrop In New Music Video

Published on Thursday, July 14th 2016 10:10 pm

Portable, a/k/a Alan Abrahams, wants to reach you on a personal level. His new album features his given name for its title, as well as his own voice and piano playing. And his latest music video features the artist alone against a magnificent but intimidating natural backdrop, communicating the song’s lyrics in sign language directly toward the camera. Naturally, the video is directed by Abrahams himself.

“I decided to film ‘Say It’s Going To Change’ on the Spanish island of Lanzarote because of its volcanic terrain, and its desolate landscape,” Portable told THUMP, who premiered the video. “One gets a kind of sense of being on another planet, after some kind of war or global warming disaster, and I thought that fits perfectly with the theme of the song.”

Portable’s Alan Abrahams album is out 19th August. Pre-orders are available now.

A single for “Say It’s Going To Change,” featuring remixes from Deetron & Portable’s own Bodycode alias (featuring Ursula Rucker on vocals) will be available 22nd July.

Portable Announces ‘Alan Abrahams’ Album With An Optimistic House Track

Published on Wednesday, June 15th 2016 3:20 pm

Portable is Alan Abrahams, a South African born artist, producer, and celebrated live act who has released his minimal wares on cult labels like Perlon and Live At Robert Johnson, as well as his own Süd Electronic label. Abraham’s first LP for !K7 is his most personal yet, taking the artist’s given name for its title. The album places Portable’s distinctive vocals front and center, showcasing some very real song writing skills next to Abrahams’ own piano playing, in addition to a few choice collaborators.

Having teased new music earlier this with a free download for “As For Me,” “Say It’s Going To Change” is the first official single from the album, offering a supple dose of house optimism in contrast to the earlier track’s introspection. A single package for “Say It’s Going To Change” will be available 22nd July.

‘Alan Abrahams’ is available 19th August 2016 on CD, 2LP (w. CD insert) and digital formats. Pre-orders are available now.

Download A Free Track From Portable

Published on Tuesday, May 10th 2016 8:55 pm

Last year, with his critically acclaimed track “Surrender” (which Pitchfork dubbed a ‘Best New Track’) appearing in re-edited form as a centerpiece for DJ Koze’s DJ-Kicks mix, !K7 announced that Portable (a/k/a Alan Abrahams) would be the latest artist to sign to the label. Though he’s recorded five albums, released singles & EPs on some of dance music’s most respected labels, and maintained a successful label of his own, Portable remains a bit of an enigma. On his forthcoming project, we’re given the opportunity to get to know the producer on a deeper level.

South African born and a celebrated live act, Portable emerged more than fifteen years ago with a sound that marries real electronic soul with deep moods and abstract grooves. He has released his minimal wares on cult labels like Perlon and Live At Robert Johnson, as well as his own Süd Electronic label. Always experimenting with rhythm and imbuing his music with a wide world of influences, his latest work is his most personal and cohesive to date.

With a full-length on the way later this year, Portable has offered the soothing and emotional vocal track ‘As For Me’ as a free download. Best experienced on headphones, the track is a window into Portable’s headspace, and an indication of great things to come.