!K7’s First-Ever Record Store Day Release Collects Work Of Italian Hardware Genius Bochum Welt

Published on Monday, March 27th 2017 7:11 pm

This year, !K7 will be releasing our first ever Record Store Day title, in the form of an essential collection from veteran Italian hardware lover and Rephlex Records alum Bochum Welt. April is a broad exploration of ambient and downtempo that revisits and re-edits a selection of old works as well as offering up brand new music, all available for the first time on vinyl.

Bochum Welt is an avid collector of various vintage pedals and sound manglers, and in 1994 joined with Aphex Twin’s influential Rephlex label, where he put out many EPs and three full lengths. He is an accomplished musical engineer, sound designer and master of electronic atmospheres, and in his time he has made it into The Wire’s Top 15 albums of the year.

April collects sixteen short but absorbing tracks for their first-ever vinyl release. Several tracks previously were originally released on CD by Rephlex, while many tracks are completely unheard. From crunchy beats overlaid with pixelated pads to blissfully organic and tender piano-laced ambient numbers, the music on April is never less than beautiful. Expressive and personal throughout, this album is about sound research and melodic sensibility and is as technically awe inspiring as it is purely enjoyable.

April is released 22nd April 2017 in conjunction with  Record Store Day worldwide (22nd April 2017). A list of participating retailers is available on the Record Store Day site. A full digital release to follow on 5th May.

Daniel Avery’s Rote Project Debuts A New Track From DJ-Kicks

Published on Tuesday, October 25th 2016 4:04 pm

With his DJ-Kicks album just weeks away, London-based producer and DJ Daniel Avery shares another track from the highly anticipated release. In recent months Avery has teamed up with BleeD boss Volte-Face for a new collaborative project called Rote, and today he debuts their track ‘Look In Your Eyes’ via Thump, one of three new original Avery productions on the album alongside the ambient closing track ‘Space Echo,’ and the slow-burning, driving intensity of ‘A Mechanical Sky’.

Avery’s DJ-Kicks mix creates a hypnotic space focusing on “music by like-minded souls” from the outer reaches of techno including international talents Svreca, Rrose, Artefakt and IORI. It is a mix concerned with the idea of taking a collective breath and allowing records their own time.

Daniel Avery’s DJ-Kicks is released 11th November 2016. Pre-orders are available now.



Marcel Dettmann Collaborates With Levon Vincent For DJ-Kicks Exclusive Track

Published on Monday, October 3rd 2016 5:53 pm

Marcel Dettmann has revealed the second exclusive track from his forthcoming DJ-Kicks compilation – a collaboration with revered producer Levon Vincent, entitled ‘Can You See.’

The pair has previously collaborated, releasing ‘Vengeance’ on Levon’s own Novel Sound label towards the end of 2015 to critical acclaim. Speaking about their relationship, Marcel explains: “Five years ago we sat in the studio and were just jamming, and started to work on some tracks… we met in Munich last year before playing together and suddenly he handed me over a test pressing of one of these tracks – I was surprised because he hadn’t said a single word about it to me before then. ‘Can You See’ was still in the drawer, so we started working on that track again, sending sound back and forth, and the result is what you can listen to now.”

‘Can You See’ sees the duo venture into darker territory; a stripped back, sub-bass laden affair, the quality of this production immediately stands out in the early stages of the mix.

Marcel Dettmann’s DJ-Kicks is released 14th October on CD, 2LP & digital formats. Pre-orders are available now. A limited edition art print depicting the making of the album cover (shot by infamous Berghain photographer Sven Marquardt) is available via Bandcamp.

Marcel Dettmann To Mix DJ-Kicks, Out October 2016

Published on Thursday, September 1st 2016 2:28 pm

Marcel Dettmann is a Berlin icon who can claim as much responsibility as anyone for the state of modern techno. He has worked closely with many of the genre’s gatekeepers and torch bearers, including Berghain, Ostgut Ton, and Hard Wax. On his upcoming DJ-Kicks, the DJ and producer set out to make a mix that would reflect the entirety of his tastes and musical identity beyond his legendary club sets.

The mix, he says, comes “out of my personal music history, which could be described with the terms Berlin, Berghain and Hard Wax. It’s music that has accompanied me for decades… it is not a mix of brand new tracks, it’s a mixture of of all the music that shaped me over the years and of all the things that still move me today, aesthetically and acoustically.”

In addition to music carefully culled from his extensive collection, DJ-Kicks is chock full of new Dettmann productions, remixes, and edits, including collaborations with Levon Vincent and Wincent Kunth. In addition to brand new original remixes and edits, there’s also an unreleased remix of Marcel’s ‘Let’s Do It’ from Ostgut Ton lablemate Rolando.

DJ-Kicks is the latest in a long series of lifetime achievements over the course of Dettmann’s career – and with so many new unreleased original Marcel Dettmann productions included, this is a landmark release for the producer. “This mix is not the picture that other people take of me,” he says, “it is the picture I’d take of myself.”

Marcel Dettmann’s DJ-Kicks is released 14th October on CD, 2LP & digital formats. Pre-orders are available now. A limited edition art print depicting the making of the album cover (shot by infamous Berghain photographer Sven Marquardt) is available via Bandcamp.



Michael Mayer Announces New Album ‘&’ Featuring Dream List Of Collaborators

Published on Tuesday, August 30th 2016 1:47 pm

Michael Mayer is the true definition of a taste-maker. His work as a producer, a DJ, and a curator via his label Kompakt, speaks for itself. Mayer’s recording career spans four albums, 23 EP’s, nearly 170 remixes and the legendary DJ mixes for fabric and Immer. ‘&’ is his third full-length, a passionate and personal album that speaks as broadly as his DJ sets – embracing his genre-busting love for music, rhythm and atmosphere – and the dance floor in front of him.

‘&’ – the title says it all; Michael Mayer collaborated for every track on the album. The list of contributors is quite impressive, including Roman Flügel, Prins Thomas, Joe Goddard of Hot Chip, Ed Macfarlane of Friendly Fires among many others. Mayer is adamant that the collaborations came about because of a shared musical vision and personal connection rather an effort to stack the lineup. “All of those involved are good friends of mine and not random choices selected from someTop 100 list,” he says. “These people mean a lot to me – and by that the music we produced together is heart driven and emotionally powered.”

Michael Mayer & cover

An album highlight is ‘Und Da Stehen Fremde Menschen’ (streaming below), built around a vocal sample from a long lost East German band Stern Meissen. “I bought the record because I thought the cover was interesting. Then I heard this one line that fit perfectly to this idea of mine,” says Mayer. “Barnt was the only candidate to make this idea come to life. The trick was to bridge something that sounds sincere and deep with a delicate balance of craziness”. The outcome breathes a groovy spookiness, likened to the Giallo works of Dario Argento, where the borders between reality and fiction are not clear. A digital single for ‘Und Da Stehen,’ featuring remixes from Patric Baumel & Kowton, will be released 5th September.

‘&’ is released 28th October on !K7. Pre-orders are available now, including ‘Und Da Stehen Fremde Menschen’ and ‘Blackbird Has Spoken’ (with Agoria).

Orders from the !K7 Store and Bandcamp include a limited edition lithograph art print of the album cover.